Abletts Transport is a family owned and operated company which prides itself on taking care of its customers and its employees at a personal level.


With over 60 years’ experience in interstate transport, we understand the need to care for your freight and ensure its urgency.


Arthur Ablett began his trucking business in the country Victorian town of Drouin in 1954. He purchased a Leyland Comet to cart timber from Bairnsdale, in Gippsland Victoria, into Melbourne. In 1957 Arthur moved the family to Bairnsdale where the growth of the fleet began. He was then carting timber into the Snowy Mountains for the hydroelectric scheme, along with Melbourne. Timber freight was now predominantly coming out of Bendoc, in the far north east of Victoria.

At the completion of the Snowy Mountains scheme, Arthur then focused his business towards the booming growth in the northern suburbs of Canberra. In 1962, with a fleet of seven prime movers, a yard was purchased in Queanbeyan, which adjoins the ACT. This yard would become, and still remains, the company depot. For many years, this Bendoc/Canberra work meant that he would only return home to Bairnsdale on weekends. This factor meant another move for the family, to Canberra in 1966.


By 1968, current managing director, Ray Ablett was driving for Arthur. This continued until 1977 where Ray purchased his first truck and embarked on an interstate transport career of his own. In 1980 it appeared perfect sense for Arthur and Ray to amalgamate their companies, and form what is known today as Abletts Transport Pty Ltd.


The 1980s saw the most drastic growth for the company. The Queanbeyan yard had been extended from one block, to six blocks. The purchasing of Coopers Transport in Melbourne enabled a new Victorian base and a depot was also established in Sydney. Abletts could now be regarded as a national company servicing all regions.


The 1990s were regarded as a difficult period for the transport industry. Whilst growth was minimal, Abletts were able to weather the economic woes and begin to rebuild by the end of the decade. A new headquarters was purchased in Queanbeyan providing adequate warehousing, and administrative facilities. In 1997 Ray Ablett assisted in establishing a large transport conglomeration called Combined Distribution Management (CDM). The group would consist of five companies, and 500 trucks, providing greater influence in tendering for large contracts on a genuinely national level.


From 2000 onwards the company aimed to diversify its pickup and delivery abilities. A genuine requirement for on-site pickup and delivery capabilities was met by acquiring five crane trucks and five tailgate loaders. Tailgate loaders also contain automated electric pallet jacks minimising driver exhaustion and fatigue, while streamlining the operation.


Industry standards have demanded far greater control over driver operating hours and vehicle maintenance. The company gained accreditation in TruckSafe and NHVAS maintenance schemes and in 2009, gained entry into Basic Fatigue Management.


Abletts Transport Pty Ltd takes much pride in its family orientated history, and maintains a family emphasis on business. Six Abletts in all are currently involved in the business. The company has many longstanding employees, and strives to provide them with a welcome working environment.